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About Davide

I am an electrical engineering technician and an amateur astronomer.

My main interest is definitely about astronomy. I have loved this matter and the night sky since I was a child. Other interests are in astronautic and space exploration (both manned and unmanned), astronomy popularization, astronomical data processing and digital enhancement of astronomical images, drawing, listening to classical music and other things.

Since 1997 I contributed to "Coelum", a very popular Italian astronomy magazine. I wrote dozens of columns and articles, most of them about space exploration and the history of astronautic. I also have produced or cooperated in several works of popular science, like websites and multimedia CD-ROMs.

Since 2005 I've been cooperating with the European Space Agency's Hubble Public Outreach Office ( as a consultant working as an image processor.
In 2008 I begun
to use my spare time to process data in order to produce astronomical images for educational use for the European Southern Observatory as well.
These collaborations bring me to work with the data collected by
professional astronomers operating the most powerful telescopes and detectors ever built, like the NASA/ESA's Hubble Space Telescope and the ESO's Very Large Telescope.

I am co-author (together with my friends Lars Lindberg Christensen and Raquel Yumi Shida) of "Cosmic Collisions - The Hubble Atlas of Merging Galaxies", a book containing a hundred new images of colliding galaxies from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The book, written in English, has been translated in German and Chinese. Read more about the book at

I am the owner of a fine homebuilt 13-inches Dobson telescope to enjoy myself observing the marvelous celestial objects disseminated in the warm summer night skies.

One of my dreams is to discover an asteroid. Main-belt asteroid 190310 De Martin (1997 TW), discovered the 2nd October 1997 by Valter Giuliani at Sormano Observatory, is named after me.

Something else about me.

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